About Us

It has been a year since we decided to upscale our effort to bring together all Respiratory Physicians of Nepal, and we have done fairly good job in our participation and role in national level.

In the occasion of our one year anniversary we announce the launch of our website. www.nrsnepal.org.np

This portal will be the centre for our academic activities from here onwards. New normal has made us better at our digital ventures. This is our first attempt at making the presence of Nepalese Respiratory Society felt on the internet.

The objective of this website would be to keep everyone in touch with each other.

  1. Make members assess and update their information.
  2. Make it easier for new members to apply to NRS for the membership.
  3. Make webinars a regular event in NRS and make them available afterwards for the viewers
  4. Make guidelines and updates available to all our members
  5. Assess members directory
  6. Get assess to ERS through our NRS membership
We wish all of you for a very successful one year and many such years ahead.