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Message from the President

Respiratory care, critical care and sleep medicine has been an integral part of the health care in the country for a long time, but there was no professional society to bring the professionals working in these fields together to share and learn the new advances in these specialties. It has been a year since the Nepalese Respiratory Society was formed and in this one year various educational activities conducted by the Society has not only brought its members together but has also contributed immensely to our understanding in the diagnosis and management of respiratory illnesses. New research evidences are coming almost every other day. It is important for us to not only keep ourselves updated with these developments but also perform new research which is relevant to our patients and our country.

On completion of one year, Nepalese Respiratory Society is launching its own website. I hope that this platform will further help us in increasing our educational activities and make it easier for us to interact and share our works and experiences. All members are urged to give their valuable suggestions to improve this website which will be a source to enrich our knowledge and understanding of Pulmonary, Critical care and Sleep medicine.

Dr. Ramesh Chokhani
Nepalese Respiratory Society